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Monday, June 4, 2012

The journeys end......for now!!!

 Its our last night of our travels, we left our island paradise Lembongan this morning and came to Kuta near the airport for the night and this time my pre-booking skills payed off the guesthouse I’ve booked for our last night is lovely and is just round the corner from the airport so big lie in for us tomorrow!!! So different to the one we last pre-booked for the night we landed here 3 weeks ago!!

Our last 2 days on Lembongan were spent chilling. We rented canoes but then got stuck in a bit of a drift so quickly went back to shore!! One night we went for a “posher” meal, which was lovely and on our way back we saw a performance taking place in the village so we went to have a look. We later found it was a show put on by the local school and as I looked around the packed audience gathered there I noticed there was only one other western woman. It’s been the things like this that we’ve stumbled on that we’ve loved the most. But unfortunalty only part way through there was a power cut so the show had to end!!!! We went back and sat on the sea front outside our room and drank beer in the dark while we waited for the power to come back on!

Our last night (last night) we had our last fish cooked on Reggie’s special BBQ and watched the sunset.

This morning we said our sad goodbyes to mr and mrs Reggie (our lovely hosts on Lembongan) as a present for us both mrs Reggie gave us a kg bag of salt (could look very dodgy going through customs tomorrow) and presented us with the biggest papaya I’ve ever seen, its as long as 2 rugby balls put together!! How the hell are we meant to fit that in our backpacks, also she obviously hasn’t noticed that every time we’ve ordered a fruit salad (most days) we’ve left the papaya as we don’t like it!!!! But the gesture was lovely and we both were very touched, they told us we are like family now! Mrs Reggie then tied little string bracelets on our right arm, which Mr Reggie had got when he went to the temple to pray yesterday. As she tied them on us she said a little prayer and Mr Reggie told us they are holy and from Lembongan because now we belong there.  We were very sad to leave but it’s been the perfect ending.

Well that marks the end of our travels for now and what an amazing 6 months it’s been, exploring 29 different places in 6 different countries; from elephant trekking to moped riding, sky diving to scuba diving, drinking out of buckets and dancing on tables on the beach to running in the sunsets, from frozen cappuccinos in Ho Chi Minh to Luwack coffee in Bali, Erewan falls in Thailand to Peter Andres Mysterious girl waterfall in Oz, getting lost in towns and cities, walking round markets, learning to cook Thai style, eating in the street, insect bites, food poisoning, weird effecting malaria tablets, learning more history and culture than in any school lesson, the longest most uncomfortable bus rides ever, overnight trains, feeding a baby tiger……. The list is endless. And through it all Mister Al’s been right there beside me, experiencing it together. It’s been truly magical, the memories will stay with me forever- bring on part 2!!!!!! J

But now I’m so excited to be coming home and to…. Have a hot bath, mums cooking, English tea, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, sitting on our sofa watching a film, a bottle of wine, Sandra’s Sunday roast, walk Meg, fish and chips, get a hair cut…… but most of all I’m excited to see everyone, I cant wait- we really will “SEE YOU SOON!!!”

Lots of love to everyone xxxxxxxx

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