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Monday, November 21, 2011

The adventures about to begin!!!

Its the day before we leave home and iv got a million emotions going through me!! Very, very excited but also nervous and im hating all the goodbyes (many of which have already been tearfull-Alfie!!!). Just want to say thank you to all mine and Alex's family and friends for the past few weeks, weve both been so touched and we feel very lucky to have what we have to come home to.

So back packs are just about packed, after a big struggle and cut down of clothes!! I darent look at it today because I finally just got it to zip up last week and dont want to start adding anymore stuff!! Yes girls I do have a travel hairdryer, straightners and a whole new set of makeup but just cos im roughing it for a while doesn't mean I dont want to apply abit of mascara and straighten my hair every so often!

The journey starts tomorrow with a train to Manchester where Im meeting Mister Al at the airport travel lodge so we can have a good tea and sleep before checking in for our flight at 08:30 on Wednesday. From there its a 6 hour flight to Istanbul where we have 2 hours to kill, (airport bar here we come), before a 8 hour flight to Bangkok. Bangkok time itl be about 09:30 when we land but as they are 6 hours ahead it'll feel like 03:30 to us!

I'm going to miss everyone so much, I'll be thinking of you and look forward to seeing everyone when we get back.
Lots of love

Miss Alex xxxxxx


  1. Alex all this time I've managed not to cry and you just set me off. Love you so so much. Hope you have a fantastic time. You best get lots of lovely piccies. Have a safe flight and let us know you get there safe. Mwah xxxx

  2. Awww babes I loved this post! Add some pictures! Although I am thinking this might prove tricky as you need to save them to your computer and upload them through that? Also, did you add the followers widget thing because it keeps saying you have no followers and your posts didnt come up on my dashboard? but this just might be me?X

  3. Oh ignore that last bit,as soon as I published my comment the followers appeared x