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Thursday, November 24, 2011


 It’s the 23/11/11 and today we fly to Thailand via Istanbul. typically the first thing miss Alex said to me as she woke up and has said to me everyday she wakes up “Al I feel like crap this morning! Honestly Al I’m so tired this is the most  tired I’ve ever felt, EVER!’’ Once we got up it was a mad dash to make the taxi for 8:00 am.  At the check in there was a nervous moment before we our bags on the scales. As it was our combined baggage limit was 64kg and we weighed in at about 49kgs so after all the re packs and re re packs we were 15 kg under. Im sure miss Alex thinks that’s a licence to get more clothes now!

As we were going through the various checks points through security a UK border control officer stopped and asked if she could ask miss Alex a few questions. One of them being “what is the reason you are leaving the UK?” I couldn’t resist I told her it was because the fuel was due to go up to £1.50 a litre and we’d had enough. There was a blank look on her face.

We had a boss breakfast in a Mexican restaurant, I must admit at this point I still couldn’t believe that we were about to travel half way round the world to start something massive. After breakie we went downstairs to the boots to get some bits like bottled water and chewies maybe even sweets. Didi Hamman only walks in. I told miss Alex who it was and she suggested I get a quick pickie hm. I’m certain he’s heard me telling miss Alex that a Liverpool legend has just graced us with his presence, after all he did change the greatest ever European final when he came on as a halftime sub in 2005. Those of you reading this haven’t a clue of the Istanbul 2005 final, then I suggest you Google it.  Like a shy kid I bottled it, I couldn’t even manage to ask him for a quick pickie which I’m certain he’d of been happy to do as there was only miss Alex, me and Didi Hamman in the boots store. Amongst all of the stargazing I forgot the chewies and sweets.

5 minutes before were due to board the flight, fly across the world and my phone goes off in my pocket, I had a missed called from home. So I call it back as soon as I can and my mum says “ Alex how do we work the sky interactive on sky news?”
I had to laugh as I talked her through step by step.

Were now sat on the plane and miss Alex has the travel guides out in front of us and were making a bit of a plan, which goes a bit like this. Fly to Bangkok and have 3 days there then head down south on the east coast with stops at, Hua Hin, Bang Saphan and Chumphon then head over to the west coast to Ranong, stopping at Khao Lak  then Phi Phi where The Beach was filmed via Krabi.

So this is it, the journey has started and I would like to leave the UK with a quote from one of my favourite people. As Del boy would say “bonjour.” xxx

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