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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The next leg of the tour

I feel like my visit to Bangkok was a real eye opener for me, today’s blog is not for me to try and change the world or anything daft I just feel like id like to be honest and talk about what we have seen.

As we were driving out of Bangkok yesterday I couldn’t help think to myself that Bangkok has had its boom, a long time ago.  The city is full of buildings that look from the outside derelict but in actual fact are full of families.  Before we left Bangkok yesterday we took a 5 minute walk out of the busy hub of  Koh San Road into what I could only describe as a shanty town. It seemed that bits of corrugated iron nailed together was home for the locals. Little narrow alleys and people sat outside there homes with the front panel opened up as an invitation to their very own jumble sail. Probably hoping for that very rare family heirloom to be found like the trotters! It was really sad to see people living like this just trying to survive another day.  

On a whole as we left Bangkok, I feel like I need to go back to Koh San Road because I did enjoy the hustle and bustle, maybe not being asked If I want a suit every 2 steps. One time I was half tempted to say to the bloke “listen pal its 33 degrees with not a bit of wind in the air, your in the wrong sport, try asking me if I want shorts and a fan, not a suit.” Koh San Road is very addictive and already after one day in Hoa Hin I’m missing the street stalls selling very fast, very cheap and very delicious food.

After being here a week miss Alex and I only noticed yesterday sat on our mini bus to Hoa Hin that Thailand drive on the same side of the road as back home. (the right side ……. The left hand side but the correct side)  I’m not sure that the driving test is to the same standard though! I thought Egyptian taxi drivers were crazy but the Thai’s are on a different level.

So we arrived in Hoa Hin yesterday afternoon and miss alex, me and two young dutch girls with a toddler were at a crossroads literally. We didn’t have a clue where we where in town. Just chucked out of the mini bus. (I’ve been kicked out of better mini buses than that) We felt really sorry for the Dutch girls with the toddler and had a chat about it last night.  The number of families backpacking has surprised us. For instance one example, the other day we saw a family of two parents and three children at an age of in-between 6-10. They looked like a really close knit unit and what better education for the kids than life itself.  Some people might have mixed views on a mother going travelling with such a young toddler in South East Asia, but I think we came to the same conclusion that it really does depend on the individual mother and her parenting skills.  Good luck to her.

As I’m writing this it sounds like a B52 bomber is doing a fly by above my head but miss Alex has spotted a bee flying around us. The sting would be like a javelin thrown by Steve Backley. For this reason I’m off now to take cover and then grab some breakfast.

Speak soon xxx

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