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Friday, November 25, 2011

We're in Bangkok baby!!!

Yey we got here safe and sound!!! Everything's gone so smoothly so far, lets hope it stays this way! As Mister Alex said in his blog we were shocked at how little our bags weighed, defiantly means I'm going to hit the bargains on Khao San Road, already spotted a few tops, hairbands and a couple of dresses!  

The flights weren't too bad, Mister Alex's day was made by seeing some famous footballer who used to play for Liverpool- I was all ready with my camera but he just got too embarrassed, he was like a little boy at Christmas waiting to go and see Santa!!! Got a little bit nervous on the first plane to Istanbul as we had our bags sniffed by dogs twice (I've never had it done once in England before) and when we were having breakfast in the airport an announcement came over the speaker asking 3 people from our plane to return to security for further checks!

Got here yesterday morning at 3am to all you guys back in England and I have to say we are really struggling with jet lag, Thailands 7 hours ahead. We're staying in a nice guesthouse to break ourselves in gently and after our first Thai meal and a couple of Chang beers (yes Mister Al did tuck into a few Changs despite them being the sponsors of Everton!!), we decided to grab an early night only to be woken at 01:30 by the loudest music ever- our room backs onto a massive club, we havn't been able to swap rooms so bring on tonight!!! 

We are already loving the food and eating in the street, had a gorgeous lunch today of noodles with chicken and the most amazing soup ever, was so hot and spicy but I just couldn't stop eating it, with a bottle of water only cost us about £1.30!!! 

We decided to purchase a boat pass today along the river stopping at different ports around the city, we firstly went to a temple called Wat Arun. It was beautiful, I remember seeing the temples last time I was here but this one has got to be my fave. The detail was fantastic, set in gardens, it had a lovely feel to it. We were also allowed to walk up the steep steps to the top of it giving us views across the river and of Bangkok. Like with all temples and important buildings in Thailand Mister Al was fine to go in wearing his shorts and thin strap vest, however me, being the female, had to put on a long sleeve t.shirt I had in my bag and rent a lovely blue and white long flowery skirt, which I kept standing on the bottom of when walking up the steep steps and it also made me very very hot! It is boiling here, I cant help look around at some of the other girls and they look lovely and cool in their dresses and then look down at my own top and see a little sweat patch forming!!! Hopefully we will become acclimatised soon!

After the temple we got back on the boat to further down the river to visit a shrine, after nearly getting lost and giving up we stumbled across it. Initially from the outside it looked very impressive however when we went in we noticed giant cobwebs over all the models of Gods. The old man working there was a fab guide if not a little crazy wanting us to take a million photos most of which with one of us and him in!! He was a nice man though and his photo tactics meant we felt inclined to give him more of a donation than we had initially agreed!

Next was back down the river to an area that hosted a rather "posh" shopping center, which we gladly used to walk around and make the most of the aircon! It was round here we found the street stalls with our yummy and amazingly cheap lunch. 

I think the sun and the jetlag had got to us by this point so we headed back to Khao San, hit the pool on the roof for an hour and have now come to the room to cool down before tea. Got one more day in Bangkok before heading to Hua Hin (a place recommended to us by the lady who sold us our visas in Liverpool). We are not quite sure how we're going to get there yet but we'll figure it out. 

Missing everyone lots, lots of love xxxxxx

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