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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bushtucker Trial

Sa wa dee krap, pom sa bai dee krap. Hey everyone I’m fully embracing this travelling and I’ve learnt how to say hello I’m fine! Well its an app on my phone.  Yesterday we bought a boat pass for 150 baht, which is roughly £3. This allowed us to take a boat ride up the river and stop to get off at various points.  One of which was a temple called Wat Arun. It was a roasting hot day and miss Alex had to cover her arms and legs to gain entrance. I felt a little sorry for her as I  traipsed around in a vest top and shorts. Another stop on the river was at a shrine that was erected 150 years ago. I’m not sure we actually sure went to the shrine that was shown in the guide book. There was a little old man who could not understand us. He was very welcoming and took us around his “shrine” I’m going to be honest an say it looked more like Steptoe s yard than an ancient shrine. The little old man was called Mr Bonkook and was very keen for us to take hundreds of pickies. The last stop we made on the river was to grab a bite to eat. We decided to go off the beaten track a little and try our hand at a street stall. It must have cost us little more than a pound for the most delicious Thai veg soup and chicken fried noodles.

Since being in Bangkok I’ve convinced myself that it is ok to drink Chang beer, because of 2 reasons. The first being that even though it is the shirt sponsor for Everton football club, no one has a clue who Everton are over here and the second reason is that Everton are a non profit making company so the money I spend on Chang will not change much! So last night I decided to to have a Changathon with myself while miss Alex was drinking cocktails. However the Changover is a killer. This morning the pair of us felt so rough.  Last night we noticed a stall that sold fried bugs and crickets, so miss Alex dared me to eat one, I’m glad to say i completed my very own bushtucker trial and came back with the gold stars. Being the big man I challenged miss Alex to pick one for me to eat and she gladly chose the biggest cricket for me. 
We decided that today we were going to do nothing but loaf by the pool, after we booked our bus and accommodation for the next leg of this journey. We are off to Hao Hin tomorrow and should arrive about 3pm. It’s a 3 hour bus ride and as I’m writing miss Alex is busy in the room packing her bag.

Speak soon xxx

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