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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last Sunday we arrived in Sihanoukville  29/1/2012 at 7pm, me and Harry had the same thing on our minds, Football. Liverpool were due to play Man Utd, kick off at local time was 8pm. So for me it was a case of find us a guesthouse, throw our bags in, freshen up and look for the match in a bar. After a good half hour of rejection after rejection we managed to find a guesthouse in downtown Sihanoukville, run by an English bloke. Reasonable price.  Headed for a cluster of bars, we went to the first one that didn’t look like a prostitute bar. Liverpool won the match 2;1 and there was a Manc in there watching the match. Was good to give him some stick, and see him sit there and watch the result in pain.
The next day we headed to the beach and found the 2 Sams in the sea. As it was soo hot it took us all of 2 seconds to join them for a reunion. During the catch up on goss a couple of local Cambodian kids were hovering around us, Then one of them jumped on Harry and asked him the throw him up in the air. He had his arms around Harry’s neck and feet on his waist.  He would  then attempt to perform a summersault into the waist deep water. After half an hour there must have been 30 kids using Harry, Sam and me to launch them into the air. The Russian and Chinese have nothing to fear from the Cambodians at the Olympics. (bellyflops galore) It felt like we’d taken the local Orphanage for a day out, so many kids!! Most of the kids were beggars, not necessary looking for money but plastic empty bottles. They sell these on to make a “living.” Other kids were selling wristbands, made to order with string. These look really cool and can be personalized with words and names. As fun as this was, throwing the kids into the water The Lonely Planet travel book (Backpackers bible) described Sihanoukville as being rife for theft. Only take items to the beach that you don’t mind going missing it said. So one eye was constantly on our bags and towels at all times. Nothing did go missing.
Another reunion means only one thing, a good night out. So off we went to see what Sihanoukville had to offer. It only had 3 clubs. But the dance moves were electric. The 3 of us boys were performing The Inbetweeners routine and the girls must have been so embarrassed as they were looking pretty good on the dance floor. Miss Alex spotted the stage and headed straight for it. All of miss Alex’s friends know “the dance” and we weren’t disappointed. Centre stage miss Alex treated us, and every one in the club to her brilliant routine.
The next day was pretty rough and this happened to be the start of miss Alex’s food poisoning. Lasted three days, and the pain she was in was hard to watch. When miss Alex wasn’t on the toilet, she was doubled up on bed with stomach cramps.
Once recovered, we booked on to a 3 island boat trip. We sailed to an island that we couldn’t go near because a Russian billionaire owned this tiny island. All that was on the island was his house. Then we stopped to snorkel and jump in the water from the 3 story boat.  Next we headed to an Island with a stunning 9km beach. This Island was completely empty it was a real desert island. This is where the tour guide would take us on a tour through the Mangroves. Chest deep in some parts and miss Alex was screaming A LOT!!. The water was so murky you couldn’t see more than a couple of inches in the water. She was convinced things were biting her feet. Once through the mangroves the tour guide took us for a walk through the jungle, if I’m going to be honest, we could have been in England in a Woods somewhere near Scarborough, taking Meggie for a walk. It didn’t feel like a jungle. On the way back to main land the drinks were flowing, (for the boys). At the bar on the boat drinking games began and the music was blaring.
One of the games involved a snorkel placed up the face as if you were about to go in to the water. Then a pint of beer would be dropped down the breathing tube on the snorkel and into the mouth. For some reason the barman seemed to call me out, in front of the entire boat (minus miss Alex, girl Sam and Laura who were up on top deck sunning it). How could I not go up and take my go like a man now. So I placed the mask on my face, then the barman did his 3 second countdown and started to pour, I started to drink ………… and drink …………….  and drink …………… and drink and then drink some more. I could hear every one cheering but I thought to myself this was a long pint. I had to stop pulled off the snorkel and looked behind me to see not a pint glass but a massive jug!
Whilst in Sihanoukville miss Alex and me managed to get 3 runs done. 4 miles in the mid day heat is very tough, but all the same we really enjoy our runs together. Even if miss Alex listens to her ipod whilst running and makes noises like female tennis players do hitting the ball. These noises give us some funny looks from people as we pass them!!
The Guest house we stayed in, after the first night was called Mick and Craigs. In all honesty it was very friendly, and the rooms were nice. But would only let us take the room on a day by day basis. I still cannot get my head around the reason why we couldn’t book the room for 4/5 nights. So on the second day of miss Alex’s food poisoning they told us we had to move as the room was booked. After I had a run in with the staff we managed to hold our ground and stay, miss Alex was really ill at this point and didn’t need a chaotic few hours of packing bags and looking for accommodation. My argument with the staff was how could some one else book our room but we couldn’t. Miss Alex even tried to book on the internet but got no joy.
I can’t see us ever returning to Sihanoukville, it was an ok seaside town but you are not given a moments bit of piece on the beach. Whether it’s the man with no legs hobbling up asking for money, or the kids wanting you to buy a wristband, then it’ll be the massage ladies asking if she can cut your nails or pluck your eye brows with 2 bits of string, (very impressive to watch but apparently painful) So on Saturday we headed for Kampot, for our last few days in Cambodia before Vietnam.

Speak soon xxx

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