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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The second week of Dave's visit

The bus journey to Kho Chang wasn’t the best; we’d heard rumors of the bus people going through bags in the luggage compartment, ours are always padlocked and we don’t think they had been looked through until the overnight bus journey to Bangkok (we then got a connecting bus to Kho Chang). We still had the padlocks on and they were locked when we got off the bus but apparently they go through the stitching or have a way of opening the padlocks. Anyway when we got off the bus I checked my bag and everything was strewn around the bag and screwed up with bits in different compartments to how I’d packed it. We had nothing taken, we don’t keep anything of value in the big bags, but it made us feel violated!

So we found ourselves in the middle of Bangkok at 5am not in the best of moods. The day didn’t really get much better; after another 6-hour bus journey followed by a 45 minute boat we reached Kho Chang. Kho Chang had been painted to us by other people as being a little paradise with nice beaches to chill on and some good nightlife. We’d chose White Sand beach, however when we got there we were hit with expensive accommodation and commercialsation. It didn’t take us long to realise White Sands wasn’t the backpacker area of Kho Chang so we got out the lonely planet and headed to where it advised- Lonely Beach a 30 minute drive away. This turned out to be not so great either, after a night of sleeping in a bed that felt like it was crawling and then discovering the beach was pebbles we headed to a place in between white sands and lonely- Khai Bay.

This was just what we were looking for; we spent the 4 days chilling on the white sand beach, well actually we spent more time in the sea which was the hottest sea I have ever been in. The temperature in Thailand seems to have just soured over the last week- it is roasting!!! So much so that at times on Kho Chang it felt just too hot. We hired motorbikes on one day and explored around the island, finding a waterfall to splash around in. We hit the cocktail bars- with the boys choosing the weirdest cocktails they could for each other, and found a beach party one night to have boogie, eating every evening in our fave plastic chair restaurant that did the best masaman curry! We went for a couple of runs up the hills surrounding the area, I’ll just say running up such big hills in the heat was hard!!!!

Mister Alex and I have a little confession to make; we nearly decided to come home because where we were staying (Buzzas) had 4 week old puppies and we both fell in love with one. She was the cutest, smallest little thing who for some weird reason was the only one of the litter of 6 who no one wanted. We wanted her, if we had been coming home after Thailand it’s pretty safe for me to say we’d have been picking up our little Sanook (means fun in Thai) from quarantine in 6 weeks!!! The day we left though I went to say “bye” to Sanook to find her being cuddled by a Thai lady who told me her name was something else, guess she got someone who wanted her and could take her home in the end!

We’ve just spent another 3 nights in Bangkok, saying goodbye to the Khoa San Road, eating street food and getting cheap foot massages. We did go to the Grand Palace with Dave, we all had to change into clothes provided as we were all showing too much flesh!!! Mister Al ended up wearing something making him look like he was on day release from the Bangkok Hilton! But when we went to pay and found it was £8 each and all already sweating buckets from covering up (the temperature seems to have got even hotter here too!!) we decided we could see enough of the palace from outside and went for a boat trip down the river instead!!!

Dave left yesterday morning :( and me and mister Alex are now on an overnight train (we are no longer doing overnight buses) to a place called Trang where, hopefully, tomorrow morning we will sort out a boat to take us back to Kho Lanta where we are going to spend a couple of days relaxing. We fly to Bali on the 2nd April so have decided to spend our last week and a half at our 2 favourite islands in Thailand- Kho Lanta and Phi Phi. I’ve just been to the toilet on the train; it’s just a metal hole in the ground and it stinks and I thought although I love Thailand it’s an amazing country, I’m looking forward to doing Bali and then hitting Oz for some Westernization!! Can’t believe we’ve been here for over 4 months now, it’s amazing to look back at everything we’ve done but also sad that S.E Asia is coming to an end, what fantastic time we’ve had though :) I’m never going to forget it!

P.s Mister Al had his hair cut today- he now has a Mohican, he looks cool!!!

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