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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 On Monday we’d spent the day chilling on the beach and then went for a fab run up to the viewpoint, its so hot and we get really sweaty  but we are both loving being able to run everywhere we are going. After freshening up we went into the centre for a bit of a night out. We ended up back in the boxing bar where Mister Alex had the fight the other night and Anthony and his friends were all in there too so spent most of the night with them again.

Anyway everytime we’ve gone to this bar I’ve sat there and said how much I wanted to get up there and have a fun fight but we’d thought it would be abit risky going in against someone we didn’t know because not many girls would do that kind of thing on a night out and the kind that would, would be girls that had done abit of some kind of boxing or martial arts. However after we’d had a few drinks and we’re on our way to being abit tipsy a girl appears in the ring and they’re asking for someone to go against her. She was a little bit bigger than me, blonde had done her make up nice and was with her boyfriend too so I thought she probably wanted to have abit of a laugh like me so with some egging on from the group we were with a found myself raising to the challenge!

The first warning sign was when I went over to meet her before the match and she told me she hadn’t had a drink where I’d had a little bit! We got into the ring and we were both laughing at how silly we looked with the gloves, socks and headgear on, the first round started and we met in the middle, touched gloves and then the next thing BOOM she hits me right in the face!!! And then again! And again!!! With a pain in my nose I decided I was having none of this so lashed back and to be fair to myself I apparently did pretty good although I felt bad when I got her in the face! The round seemed to go on forever but they’re only one and a half minutes, just as the bell rang for the end of the round I suddenly felt my legs go beneath me and she’d tripped me to the floor and on my back, shes obviously done abit of some form of martial arts! I think I got abit scared then my nose was killing and the fact she’d just swept the world from beneath me made me really not want to do another 2 rounds with her, I honestly thought she’d actually broken my nose (it’s ok though just a little bruise if you look hard and it’s abit sore) so I told Mister Al and the guys in my corner I couldn’t do it (actually my words were “get me out of here NOW”). After and today I’ve been abit angry at myself because I’m just too competitive to quit like that and the guys all told me after that if I’d gone back and protected my face more I would have been fine, apart from the tackle to the floor I was getting her pretty well, but I suppose some stupid, drunken fight in a bar isn’t worth breaking your nose for or maybe getting a black eye for Christmas so I did the right thing. I’ll just have to call her for a re-match after we eventually do our Thai boxing training!!!!

As Mister Al said we are loving it here, looking forward to doing the overnight trip to Maya Bay that Mister Al talked about and going to Ko Lanta at the end of the week. We went to the viewpoint to watch the sunset last night which was beautiful, although we got bitten to shreds by mosquitoes!!!

Lots of love xxxxxxx

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