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Saturday, December 3, 2011


The gamble to come to Kanchanaburi has paid off, firstly because the Thai boxing gym in  Bangkok have got back to us and have space for us to train next week and secondly because we've had a great time here!

After getting off the bus after our very cheap journey Mister Alex wrote about we were greeted by a woman who I think must be a tout for the guesthouses, we had already got somewhere in mind so told her and she contacted them and sorted a room for us while we were in the taxi, (the taxis here are like utility vans, open with 2 benches along the back, a lot of fun to travel in, if not a bit windy!) 
We're staying at a place called Pong Penh, we had to get a slightly more expensive room- 600 baht (£12 so £6 each) but our room is nice with a flushing toilet, hot shower and aircon. It also has a pool. When we first got here there was 2 towels each laid out on the bed, one normal bath sized towel and one massive towel. It wasn't until after we'd used our massive towels to dry off after a shower that we realised the massive towel was actually our blanket!! Opps!

Our first day here we walked the 2km to the bridge over the river Kwai in the morning. When we got there we saw a little stand with 2 baby tigers, one 2 months old and one 7 months old. They were from a sanctuary and you could have your photo with them to raise money for their care. When we approached the lady caring for them she was about to start bottle feeding the 2 month old and asked if I would like to do it.  I thought she was going to let me sit down and get settled but she just passed me him while stood up. I was so scared of dropping him! He was gorgeous, a big ball of fluff and I got to put my bottle feeding skills from scbu into practice :) The lady said shed take a photo of both me and Mister Alex with the baby,  the camera was set on video mode and we've both sworn we are never showing anyone else the video, we look like 2 new proud parents of a big ball of fluff!!For me this was the highlight of the trip so far!

In the afternoon we went to "tiger temple" where tigers are cared for and bread by monks and volunteers from all around the world. I've been here before when I last came to Thailand but was excited to see grown tigers again. There was an opportunity for us to have our photo taken with them. Now there is plenty of rumors going round that the tigers there are sedated, however Mister Alex and myself are sure this isn't the case. The tigers have all been hand reared by humans, like the baby I fed that morning so used to human contact and Mister Alex paid extra to be with the tigers while they exercised immediately after tourists had been having their photo with them. I'll let him tell you more about that, we only had enough money between us for one of us to do it and since I'd fed the baby that morning I wanted Mister Alex to do it.

On the trip we met a young guy from Canada, Brain, and we arranged to meet up with him for drinks that night. There are lots of bars here but they never seem to get busy, the whole night feels like it's about 9pm and your waiting for the night to take off but it never does. We all had a fun night though and I learn't yet again that I cant keep up with the boys! Yesterday was spent hungover!!

Today we went on an organised trip. Again I've done this before but it's one of the main things to do coming to Thailand and I wanted Mister Alex to see it and also I knew we were in for a good day. First we went to a waterfall about and hour away called Erawan falls. Its got 7 tiers and is 2500m to the top. We had 2 hours here before we had to leave so we were on a mission to the top!! On the way up we marched along stopping at each tier to quickly get some photos and on to the next. It was worth it when we got to the top. The whole waterfall is beautiful the pictures we got look like postcards. We had a swim at the top but I didn't stay in the water long as there were lots of big nibbling fish in the water, not like the small ones at the fish spas these were huge!!!

After this we went to "Hells fire pass" this is an area of railway built by POW and locals. This was under the Japanese army in the second world war who had invaded Thailand and brought POW from Britain, Austraila and other countries here to build a railway linking Thailand to Burma. This was so they could transfer supplies and men easier as the crossing over the sea was dangerous. The conditions the POW and local people were in and how they were treated is upsetting to learn about. We looked round the museum and went onto the "Hells fire pass" this is the area of railway that was the deepest to be cut out. This area is no longer used for the train, its very well looked after in memory of all the men who suffered and died building these tracks. Its interesting to see but sad to think of what happened there. After this we went for a journey on the railway further down that's been restored and is used today like any other railway, this area is called the death railway. At the station to get on the death railway there is a shrine in a cave with a big Budda in. This was created by the Thai locals during the second world war to pray for all the men working on the railway.

We are currently sat outside in the guesthouse having our tea, we are still loving the Thai food! Tomorrow we go back to Bangkok and to the gym where we are staying for a week. I'm nervous about going here and doing the training but also excited, think it's going to push us both though. Lots of love to everyone at home, mum and dad I'm missing you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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