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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Living for the night-time

We arrived on Koh Samui the day before boxing day, we were already sad to be leaving Kho Lanta and were wishing we hadn’t pre-booked Christmas in the UK because we would have liked to have stayed there. Anyway after a bus, boat, bus, boat trip we arrived, we met a fab couple on the journey- Laura and Harry who we’ve seen abit since.

The taxi dropped us off in the middle of a road next to a sewers works and gave us instructions to follow a dirt track infront of us, turning right at the end and we would eventually come to “Nid’s Bungalows” we’d previously booked. It was overcast, spitting with rain and our hearts were already sinking at the prospect of spending Christmas here. After flicking mud from the track all up our legs we arrived at the front gates of “Nids” which looked like a building site, there were works going on everywhere creating a pool and a new dorm. The existing bungalows were shabby, we wouldn’t normally mind but we were paying £10 each to stay here a night (the most expensive place we’ve stayed so far!!) The restaurant advertised only appeared to be open when they felt like cooking and you were only given one choice of what you could order!!! It was very weird! Almost straight away we set out to explore the area hoping the more we saw of Samui our spirits would be lifted, so it was back along the dirt track and a 10 minute walk to we hit the main strip that looked like we were in Falaraki, very, very commercialised and expensive. The beach was actually gorgeous but the bad weather meant we never got to enjoy it. It was now that we realised the dream Christmas of lying on the beach drinking cocktails and staying somewhere that was a bit of a treat wasn’t going to happen and embarrassingly have to admit I did shed a little tear!!!

We woke on Christmas Eve to the sound of pouring rain so spent most of the day in the communal area playing cards. It was here we met the people (apart from Laura and Harry) that made Christmas, another couple both called Sam (weird hey??) two girls called Sarah and Louise and the funniest Irish girl ever Katrina! Mister Alex and me decided that while the weather was bad we were going to live for the night-time and make the most of Kho Samui’s party’s! So I spent my first ever Christmas Day hung-over!!!!

We woke up on Christmas day at 11:30 again to the sound of pouring rain, as the hangover required we hit the Irish pub on the main strip for a massive fry up! It was amazing!!! We then headed back to the room to open presents. We’d decided to do each other a little santa sack of little presents so we had things to open. It was really nice, I got some vest tops, beach shorts, 2 bikinis some copied DVD’s to add to our collection and bracelets and anklets, thank you Mister Al! Also big thank yous to mine and Mister Alex’s mum and dad we’ve combined the money and had a few treats over Christmas and we are going to use it to stay somewhere nice (with a hot shower) over the next few weeks.

We arranged to have Christmas diner with the friends we’d made at Nids, mister Al and me had seen a good diner advertised at one pub called the Duke and we’d all booked for 18:30. We got there about 15 minutes late and were told the diner was being cooked so we could order some drinks while we waited. A lot of glasses of wines and cocktails later we still hadn’t had our diner, everyone was really hungry it wasn’t until someone looked at their watch we realised we had been waiting 2 hours! Just as we were about to get up and leave one meal came out and happened to be put in front of me, it was missing half the things it was meant to have, everyone was angry and started complaining, I was so hungry I picked a corner of the potato- it was cold!!! This tipped everyone over the edge and we all left, as we were leaving my meal was quickly given to someone else in the restaurant!!!!

Everyone was downhearted, (boy Sam was distraught!), and Mcdonalds seemed to be the only option left for Christmas Diner! On the way to Maccy D’s Mister Al chanced his arm and nipped into the Irish pub we’d had the fry up earlier and amazingly, despite advertising the need to book Christmas diner, the Irish bar had a table for 7 free for diner!!! The Irish bar saved Christmas!!!!
Spirits soon rose as soup, prawn cocktail and pate starters arrived within minutes of us ordering and when the main came there was even brussel sprouts, stuffing, our own pot of gravy and the potato’s were boiling!!!! To top it all off as Christmas pudding was served a one man live band began playing classic Irish tunes while dancing around the bar! Amazing!!

Again we slept in boxing day and headed back to the Irish bar for another big breakie followed by a full body massage, (thank you mums and dads). We celebrated in true boxing day style that night with the Nid’s crew and Laura and Harry. We had an amazing night, the buckets were flowing, everyone was loving it and when we got in the last club I immediately spotted a stage to dance on and without a word to mister Al he found himself with my handbag and I was gone soon to be doing my crazy dance on stage!
We didn’t crawl back to Nids until 5 in the morning so naturally we slept in again the next day, and why break tradition we met Laura and Harry for a fry up in the Irish bar!! Poor Laura got electrocuted as she was walking to meet us by some live wires sticking out of a wall on the street! Crazy Thailand!

We got to Kho Phagnan today where we are staying somewhere called sea gate, basic but cheap. For New Year where we are hitting the full moon new years party! Everyone we met on Samui’s on the island over the next few days so hopefully we will get to have a bit of a reunion. The suns been back out again today but even though we are dying to do a bit of sunbathing we collapsed in our room this afternoon exhausted after our Koh Samui antics, so mister sunshine you better be back out tomorrow!!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, it was weird not being at home to celebrate with everyone, missed everyone alot. Although it wasn’t the Christmas abroad we’d been dreaming of the people we met made it for us!

Lots of love to everyone, mum and dad the internet seems better here so hopefully we will actually be able to see each other and understand what were saying on skype!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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