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Monday, May 14, 2012

After 25 weeks we stay in the worse accommodation so far!!

 We landed in Bali 30 minutes earlier than expected at 23:00 on Sunday. We flew through arrivals, our bags were virtually the first ones off the conveyer belt and as soon as we walked out the airport there was 2 men holding a sign with my name on to take us to our accommodation!! Wow everything was so easy! We’d booked our accommodation online when we booked the flights, we tried to book into the same guesthouse we stayed in the night before we flew to oz when my parents left but that was fully booked so settled for one in Denpasar called Bali Rama Homestay. It was quite cheap but the pictures online looked nice and with it being on the internet and not many places in Bali being on the internet we thought it would be fine for a night. We were so wrong!! After about a 20 minute drive we turned onto a bumpy gravel road and passed what looked like building sites leading into the middle of nowhere. We finally stopped outside a big Balinese house and I thought this could actually be alright. Nope, the room we stayed in was the dirtiest room we’ve stayed in so far and we’ve stayed in some rough places!! It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for years! The sink to wash in was full of black dirt, the shower and toilet looked like something out of a prison the toilet had stains all in it! I took some pictures in the morning but they don’t really show the grime as realistically as it was. I immediately wanted to leave but rightly so mister Alex told me what could we do at now 1am in the morning. We didn’t know where we were or where we could go. We slept with no blanket over us that night as we were scared of getting bed bugs!

Luckily in the morning we woke with no bites, yes we had escaped bed bugs again! We were both really thirsty but they didn’t have any bottled water at the accommodation! We asked the girl to ring a taxi for us but half an hour later there was still no taxi so we set off with our bags on our backs to walk to the main road and flag a taxi down. I’ll just tell you we hadn’t showered since the Saturday night at my Aunts and Alex had refused to use the water in the guesthouse so he hadn’t brushed his teeth for over 24 hours!! We were honking!

We had decided when we knew we were coming back to Bali that first we would go to Ubud again and stay one night and then the next night do a sunrise trek up a mountain tour that we had seen last time we were here and then we would go back to Lembongan island and stay back at pacific inn. So we flagged a taxi down and asked him to take us to Ubud. The traffic was terrible, we were going at a snails pace and all we could think of was getting some food and a shower. But after an hour of driving I recognised the road we were on as on the way back to the airport. The taxi driver had misheard where we had asked to go and instead of taking us to Ubud was taking us the complete opposite way to the airport!!! We were fuming!! So we turned around, agreed another price and got back in the traffic going back to where the taxi had picked us up! Two hours after we had got in the taxi we passed the spot where we had first got in it and actually set off for Ubud.

Another hour later we pulled up at Ubud centre just as the skies decided to open up and hit us with one of those tropical downpours that soaks you completely after 2 seconds of being in it! So we ran from the taxi to the nearest hotel, it was more picey than we normally pay but to go and look for somewhere else in the rain would probably mean all the things in our bags getting drenched so we decided to stay. At last we had some food and drink and a well needed shower and teeth brush!

We woke this morning to find it had rained all night and although the suns actually out now it’s actually forecast downpours for the next few days. So it looks unlikely we are going to do our mountain trek tomorrow morning; walking up a mountain at 2am in the morning in the pouring rain really doesn’t sound that much fun. It’s a shame but I don’t think it’s worth it. So think we are going to get some lunch and head to Sanur for the night where we can get a boat to Lembongan island tomorrow morning. There’s also storms forecast there too, hopefully they don’t last long as we are now in our last 3 weeks we want to panic tan!!!

After a bit of a shady start to our last 3 weeks in away hopefully it’ll brighten up from here.

Lots of love xxxxxxx

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