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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Change of plan

We’ve been in Cairns now for a week already!! The first few days saw us go into panic mode looking for work, re-wording c.v’s and handing them out and then worrying about the cost of everything, it’s so expensive here!!! After some good chats and thinking about things we’ve changed our travel plans; mister Al had been contacted by the firm he worked for last year on the windfarms and we decided it was a good idea for him to take the work to keep his foot in the door for the future. We then had to think about what I should do, while I could apply to work here waitressing (I haven’t done the paper work to nurse here as I wanted to do something different while away and also thought that if I wanted to do it I would sort it when we were here) I don’t really want to be in Oz without mister Al. So we are both coming home on June the 6th for the summer until Mister Al’s job finishes. Then we are going to commence on part 2 of “2 Alex’s abroad” which will be made up of driving ourselves up the west of oz in a van, certain stop offs at different points on the east, New Zealand, Fiji and most likely a little cheeky stop off back in Thailand to get our spicy curry fix!!

So now we have a plan we are chilled once again and going to make the most of our last month before our “pitstop” at home. Very excited to see everyone again and have a good catch up, plus it means we will be doing Oz when the whole country is hot not just the North!

On Thursday we did a little tour around the rainforest near Cairns with Lucy (my friend from home who is travelling Oz at the moment) and a group of other girls we’ve met. Mister Al had a massive bromance for the aussie driver he didn’t stop laughing at his comments all day! On the way we saw little wallabys just chilling at the side of the rode. We went to 2 waterfalls, one being Milla Milla falls the famous background to Peter Andre’s Mysterious girl video. It must have been a much hotter day when he was there as there was no way I was prancing about in the water it was freezing!! Mister Al got in though, Peter Andre eat your heart out!! And the girls we were with all did their impression of the girl flicking her hair back in the Timotei shampoo advert as that was also filmed there. The other waterfall I was persuaded to get in, the water was freezing though think we’ve been too spoilt with the water temperatures in Asia! We swam across the pool and climbed over the rocks so we could slide down the waterfall, I found myself screaming my new favourite line since we’ve been away “arrrr I don’t like it!!!!!!!” coincidently the same line my mums always said when we’ve made her do things she’s a bit unsure about, I’m so my mother’s daughter!!!

The day also included bacon and egg sandwiches cooked up on the free bbq/hot plates found all over for free, yummy!!!  A spot of platypus spotting, but they weren’t playing so unfortunately we didn’t see any, a massive curtain fig tree whose roots went from the top of the tree into the ground, it was very impressive and we went to see an old volcanic hole that has been filled with water and is about 50 metre deep in the middle. It was gorgeous and would have been so much fun to have a swim in but again the water was so cold, plus it started raining when we were there.

We’ve defiantly taken to the local cheap alcohol swapping the buckets from asia to goon here! Goons like cheap wine (about the only thing that is cheap here) 12 dollars for 4 litres! We had a good night out with Lucy and the girls we’ve met last night and my dancing routine made an appearance! It’s been fab to see Lucy and it’s going to be sad saying bye when we leave but hopefully she’ll still be here when we come back and we will meet up again.

Today we’ve chilled round the lagoon and booked a skydive for Monday!!!! I’m really excited, as I’ve done one before but think mister Al’s a bit nervous!!! It’s going to be awesome!!!! The hostel we are staying at is lovely, it’s called Caravella’s and they offer a free meal every night at a local pub and it’s also cheap to upgrade to different things like steak. My stomach is defiantly loving being back on the western food again, toilet habits are all back to normal J plus there’s no more smelly squat toilets in oz and we have a hot shower every night!!! Yey!

So the plan is to stay here until Thursday when we fly to Melbourne to stay 3 nights with my great auntie then we are going back to our favourite little island Lembongan in Bali until we fly home.

Very excited to see everyone and get ourselves all sorted and refreshed before we continue our adventure! Can’t believe where the times gone though, we will have been away for 6 months and they’ve just flown but it’s been the most amazing time, when I think back over what we’ve seen and done it takes my breath away and it’s been so more special to have shared it with mister Al. Yet again I can’t believe how lucky I am to be doing this.

See you all soon, lots of love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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