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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back on Lembongan

We’ve been on Lembongan for a week now and it’s been just as nice and relaxing as we remembered. The weather is gorgeous and the only rain we’ve had so far has been overnight. One night there was a massive electric storm, which was a bit scary; the whole sky lit up with the flashes!
When we got here we came straight to Pacific Inn even though we were a day early for our booking we thought there might still be room for us but we were wrong they are really busy so our first night we spent in another little guesthouse down the beach.
We’ve changed rooms from the one we were in last time we stayed here we decided to spend a little bit more and are in the room right on the beach front, 2 of the sides are panels of glass with big sweeping curtains so we can lie in bed and see the sea with them open, its perfect! Mornings begin with Mr Al going to the gym while I make the bed, sweep the room and pull back the curtains (like a very good little house wife!) we then have breakfast sat on our little table and chairs outside our room- banana pancakes, banana shake and a Nescafe each! Then we head to the internet café to catch up on the latest back at home before spending the day chilling on the loungers outside our room, reading, swimming, going for walks. Every other evening we go for a run (we’re in pre-going home get into shape mode!) Then alternate diner watching the beautiful sunsets either fish cooked at our guesthouse, chicken kebab and a cocktail at Scooby doos down the beach or the old favourite fried rice or noodles at the cheap local places.
We rented a moped again the other day and headed back to the jumping point but again the swells were too big to jump, we heard someone jumped yesterday and it was fine so we’re going to go back over the next few days. Yesterday we rented big stand up paddle boards, we were told it was easy but not for us! We both managed to stand up but not for long; we both ended in the water, most of the time we spent paddling on our knees!!
Today we went on a snorkelling trip to see manta wrays. The spot where they were had really big swells and the waves were crashing onto the cliffs. We were a bit unsure about snorkelling there but got in anyway as we really wanted to see them, they were massive and it was quite scary being so close to them; 4 swam right past me but they weren’t interested in us. We didn’t stay long in the water, it felt like the current was pulling us towards the cliffs and the boat was far away so we got a bit worried. The second snorkelling spot was a lot calmer but there wasn’t any wrays there just lots of fish and coral. The dive group that were with us saw a massive Mula Mula fish apparently rare anywhere else but in Bali and they can grow to be really big. We were disappointed we didn’t get to see it but made us more determined to do our dive padi next time. Because we spent so much time on the boat waiting for the divers after we had snorkelled and the swells were big we both came over feeling not too peachy. Still 4 hours after we got back were both still swaying, think we might lay off the bintang beers tonight!

Lots of love, cant wait to see everyone soon xxxxxxx

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