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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chilling out back on Kho Lanta

Today we left Koh Lanta and headed for Phuket to meet miss Alex’s mate Rachel tomorrow. We spent 4 nights on Koh Lanta and used the money we received from our parents for Christmas, so we wanted a bit of a treat. Miss Alex’s minimum requirements for our room was a hot shower, big comfy bed and no spiders in the bathroom. It was hard finding our perfect room within our budget and we spent an afternoon with our backpacks on, looking up and down the busiest beach. We had found a smashing room at the Klongnin Resort funnily enough on Klongnin beach, the only snag was they didn’t have a room til the following night. We managed to sort a room out for that night through an agency, it was expensive for what we got and we’d already turned our noses up earlier in the day at the room but we were getting desperate. It was a little bit awkward checking in with our tail between our legs.
As we entered the room at Klongnin it was a massive room, it was all varnished wooden floors, the bed was big and comfy, the shower was hot and even though it was an outside bathroom (really good though) no spiders, so as far as miss Alex was concerned and me, it was perfect. Thank you to our Mums and Dads once again. We stayed here for 2 nights, mostly sun bathing on the beach. The weather had picked right up since new year. We even had a run along the beach  one evening, no stones on this beach so no break dancing and no fishermans lines to watch out for!!
The last night in Koh Lanta we moved to a guesthouse on the beach front, our room was on the beach. We paid for this on the first day of our stay at Klongnin. As good as the room was at Klongnin, it didn’t have this breath taking view. Although we didn’t get the room we wanted or paid for we still had an amazing view to wake up to. It turns out a German couple had taken our room the day before we checked in. I felt robbed, almost like on holiday when the deckchair wars break out. Ya know when the Germans leave their towels on the sun lounges over night. I’d love to through all the towels in the pool.  Anyway I for this I hated that German couple for robbing us of our room!!
That night we met up with the 2 Sams at our beach guesthouse and had a good chat about our plans for Cambodia and Vietnam. We think were gonna meet up and travel with them.
Today we travelled to Phuket to meet miss Alex’s mate Rachael, who is joining us for 2 weeks. As it Rachael’s holiday miss Alex and me are prepared to do anything that Rachael would like to do. We really look forward to spending some time with her and we’re expecting some quality nights out and some good laughs.

Speak soon xxx

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