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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rachel's visit

 written 21/01/2012

We met Rachel in Phuket and as Mister Alex said in his last blog we spent a night there (the lady boy spanking incident) then went back to Phi Phi where some of the Samui gang were. The weather was a bit on and off and I felt bad Rach had come all this way and it wasn’t glorious sunshine for her. But we had a good time, defiantly some messy nights with a few too many buckets, watched more westerners fight in the boxing ring (one being a guy from Scarborough travelling at the moment!!), and the hung-over day renting kayaks was a lot of fun. One day we got a taxi boat to a quieter beach on the island that was lush, so much cleaner and the sea was deep at the shore so fab for swimming in. Rach also wanted a massage so we couldn’t let her have one by herself so we treated ourselves to one on the beach with her!! I think we spent 4 nights there and then moved back to Kohphangan as it was a half moon party the next day.
Just remembered the first night in Phi Phi we hadn’t booked anywhere to stay and when we got there everywhere had signs saying full, we all started to panic and in the end had to spend the night in a little, very overpriced shack that we were told was a room for 3 people but only had 2 single beds!! Squash.com!! The night we spent there happened to be a very messy night and stupidly none of set an alarm for the morning thinking we’d be awake for check out at 11am, we weren’t I woke at 11:20 and don’t think any of us have got out of bed and ready so fast with such pounding heads. Mister Al’s answer to the people running the guesthouse saying we were checking out late was to quickly say, “no check outs at 11:30 so were on time!!” before we all scurried out!
Once we got to Kohphangan we were scouted by a very nice guesthouse called power beach. It had lovely little bungalows with en-suite outside each one with hot water showers!!!! We had a night there chilling and having a few drinks before we sported our day-glow outfits once again and went to the half moon party. A half moon party is like a full moon but with less people and instead of being on a beach is set in the forest. Driving in the taxi to get there along the forest roads there were occasional bottles with flames coming out lighting the way. Once there we had to walk up a little forest path until we came to a clearing where the party was held. There were luminous props hanging from the tress, fire dancers and the whole atmosphere was a bit eerie and spooky, mister Alex described it as being enchanted. Obviously we had the usual bucket drinks and were soon very merry, again another late one, think we got back to the guesthouse at 05:30 and walking past the night security men we couldn’t help but pose for a picture as they were both fast asleep!!!

The sun was out for Rachel’s last few days so Rach got a nice bit of colour and we’ve got even browner!!! During our time back on Kohphangan we accidently stumbled across a food market close to where we stayed for New Year  (angry we didn’t find it then) but spent a lot of our meal times there this time. It’s made up of a bunch of stalls selling bbq chicken, meat, big fish, corn on the cob, the best fruit shakes ever, pancakes, allsorts and it is sooooo cheap it’s unreal!! We don’t think we’ve eaten that cheap since Bangkok! Plus the food was gorgeous and going from stall to stall picking up bits you want was so much fun.

We spent Rachel’s last 2 nights in Phuket again. We will defiantly not be in a rush to return, it’s very busy, dirty with a massive sex and prostitute industry, extremely commercialised and overpriced! On the way back to Phuket from Kohphangan we were scammed into the transport -When we booked the tickets from Kohphangan the very nice man told us there was 2 times we could leave 7am or 12:30 in the afternoon however if we got the 7am one we would get to Phuket for 15:00 so we went for this option as we thought we could spend the afternoon in the sun. Only we were dropped in the middle of nowhere and were told to wait for 3 hours!! When I inquired into this saying we had been told we would get to Phuket for 15:00 the man replied “if you want to get there for 3 then put your back pack on and start walking straight!!! If you want to get the bus sit and wait and you will get there for 6 or 7 tonight!!” I love Thailand and most of the Thai people but it’s when we get spoken to like this it really gets on my nerves, it’s not like he isn’t making a lot of money in his job!!

Anyway we got to Phuket around 19:00 and found a little guesthouse near where we stayed on Rachel’s first night. We spent Rachel’s last 2 nights having drinks (we found an amazing man who made the best cocktails on the street to walk around with on a night), and we spent yesterday on the beach. Thank you very much to Rach for coming and seeing us, hope you had a good time, was lovely to see you, have a safe journey home xxxxxx

Today Mister Al and I had to be up at 05:30 to get our taxi at 06:00 to get us to the bus station for 7 where we got the bus to Bangkok where we are staying tonight (after a 12 hour bus journey). We had been dreading this journey but the bus today was the best ever -we had the best seats right at the front on the top floor with loads of leg room, they came round and gave us each a bottle of water and a little cake as the bus left Phuket. It made such a change to the ones we usually get but this one is more for Thai people not a specific tourist bus and the difference was huge!!! Tomorrow we have another 12-hour bus journey ahead of us to Cambodia as our Thai visa has run out.  Can’t believe we’ve been in Thailand for 2 months now, its crazy. Loved everything we’ve seen and done and I’m very excited to be going to Cambodia (I’ve been there before but only for a few days and there’s loads of other things I want to do that I didn’t have chance to do last time). Plus we are having a big reunion with the 2 Sam’s and Harry and Laura as we are all there at the same time! Got a feeling there’s lots of fun times ahead!!!

Lots of love xxxxxxx

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