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Sunday, January 22, 2012

We got to Cambodia today, I'll let Mister Alex tell you about the journey. I just wanted to write a short bit on something we saw this evening that upset me so much to see. We were sat in a street restaurant and young children came in- grubby wearing ripped clothes and some were bare footed with bin bags. At first I noticed them collecting all the recyclables from the tables once people had left and guessed they must take them to the recycling centre and in return get a little bit of money. This alone made me sad but then we saw one young girl take the bone of a chicken leg that had been eaten and left by whoever was last at the table and ate the remaining chicken on it. I told al to cover his bones because I couldn't bear the thought of someone eating our left overs and bought some chicken wings to give to 2 of the children. I'm not stupid I know that theres millions of homeless children in the world but I suppose until I actually saw it I didn't really realise it.


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