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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"No fuel, no problem"

To me being told on a boat in the middle of the ocean full of people and bags that there’s “no fuel but no problem” there really is a problem- someone didn’t put enough fuel on the boat and now they’re stuck with a boat full of angry tourists. The cute little boy on the boat also seemed to think there was a problem as in the middle of the hustle of people trying to find out what was going on he was sick all down his dad’s leg!!! Poor dad!

Anyway as Mister Al said we’ve made it to Phuket a day earlier than we’ve told my friend Rachel to surprise her!! Even if we did get her an hour and a half later than they told us we would due to the shortage of fuel situation!

As Mister Al said the Christmas money from our parents was used for a few nights of luxury. The two nights in Klongnin  resort had the best shower since we’ve been away, not only was the water hot it was also clean!! I felt so sparkly!! Thank you mum and dad and Sandra and Mike!

The past few days have been really nice just chilling out after Christmas and new year. We’ve done some running again on the beach and we’re back to budgeting our money after letting our hair down a bit over Christmas.  I’ve started getting a bit scared of the sea after Mister Al saw a little blue jellyfish, sure they’re the harmful kind but everyone else was happily swimming in the water so I did but just on constant jellyfish watch!!

I’m really looking forward to the next bit of our travels, firstly the 2 weeks with Rach (got a feeling we will be back on the buckets) and after going to Cambodia and Vietnam, which we’re planning on doing with the 2 Sams.

I feel like Rachel coming is marking the end of a chapter. We’ve known shes been coming since before we left and I remember thinking I wonder how we’re going to be doing when she gets here. It’s made me look back over the past 6 weeks since leaving home and everything we’ve seen and done- there’s so much variety, good times, stressful and sometimes down times and loads of stories that make us laugh looking back. When we talk about it all it only excites us, what else will we see and do in the next 6 weeks????

I’m missing everyone from home, weirdly I’ve been thinking a lot about work, well mainly just the babies- I’m a lucky person in a lot of ways to have what I have and to have done what I’ve done and that’s without all the travelling!!

Love everyone lots, hugs and cuddles xxxxxxxx

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